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After many years of teaching I have found that the main issues involved with using a variety of information which you are trying to make available to students is that:

– it’s not always easy to copy all the information needed from the board;
– any textbooks used do not tend to stay open at the right page;
– it’s easier to make a start on work when you have bite-sized information at your finger tips in a format that’s easy to use;

So I decided to create a format – the CubeNdo with its ten useable faces- to store a variety of information on a particular topic eg How to write your story.   The information on each flap can then be easily found,used, folded inwards, stored and carried conveniently in a pencil case or pocket.

This CubeNdo format is being used for a variety of topics in maths and English.


How to write a Story - Cube

Story writing ideas to help you plan, write and improve your stories.


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